Janmari dies on June 11.


French television premiere of Fernand Deligny. À propos d’un film à faire. The Cahiers du cinema publishes a dossier about the film. 1994: Deligny is hospitalized with a hip fracture. He returns to Graniers but is practically immobile. He passes away in Graniers on September 18, 1996.


Deligny is hospitalized with a double stomach ulcer. The network is decommissioned, but Deligny, Jacques Lin, and Gisèle Durand remain in Graniers with Cristophe B., Janmari and Gilles T. 1985: Deligny and Renaud Victor write a script for a full-length film entitled Toits d’asile, the filming of which would be..Read More


Drafting of various texts, among them A come Asile and L’Éloge de l’asile (published in 1999); 1983/ September: publication of Camérer (two other texts with the same title would appear in 2001 and 2004).


 Drafting of Acheminement ver l’image.


L’Arachnéen is drafted.


Publicação de Singulière ethnie; maio: exposição Cartes et figures de la terre no Centro Pompidou; setembro, publicação de La septième face Du dé e de um dossiê em La Quinzaine littéraire sobre Deligny; novembro: publicação de Enfants et le silence. Montagem das sequências gravadas na rede por Pierre Deiber, para o Centro regional para a infância e..Read More


Nouvelle Critique publishes a dossier about Deligny, written by Marie Bonnafé. Balivernes por um pote is published, with a dedication to Guattari. Le croire et le craindre, by Isaac Joseph is published. Deligny writes the text Quand le bonhomme n’y est pas, a commentary on Book II of Jacques Lacan’s..Read More


Publication of Nous et l’innocent, written by Isaac Joseph, and three issues of Cahiers de l’immuable, by the magazine Recherches. Ce Gamin là is presented at the Grenoble Film Festival. The film, screened at cinemas in Paris as well as in special educational environments, is followed by articles, reviews and journalistic coverage. In..Read More


In 1973, Jean and Dominique Lin, aged eighteen and nineteen, abandon their studies and join their brother Jacques. During the period, three children live on a permanent basis in the network: Cristophe B., Gilles T. and Janmari. The demands of the appointment begin to grow. Filming starts on Ce Gamin..Read More


In 1972, after viewing Le Moindre Geste, Renaud Victor visits Deligny with his brother, who has autistic symptoms. Victor intends to make a film about the network and establish himself in Monoblet. This is the beginning of the collaboration between Deligny and Victor.


Publication of Vagabonds Efficaces et autres récits. Creation of the association Les Neumes, designed to maintain activities in Cévennes. Nearly fifteen children spend Christmas in the network. Filming for the Chris Marker-backed Le Moindre Geste comes to an end.  The film is selected and screened at the Week of Criticism at..Read More